December 10, 2014

Wednesday Update and Artist’s Woes.

Hello again.

First things first I brought you the Wednesday update: The colour versions for page 14 and page 15 in Chapter 2 – enjoy! That’s the first and most annoying step done, my quest to fix the archives shall proceed then.


I apologise for my sudden drop off Earth. Like I posted in the comments, I’ve hurt my hand – not too bad, but bad enough that it rendered me unable to draw for quite some time. And well, I simply forgot to post about it while dealing with the fallout. Bad timing.

Anyway, I’m mostly back now. Typing and mousing is (almost) fine, and even drawing works again without pain as long as I take enough breaks. I still need to be careful with my hand though, which is why I cannot guarantee that I can stick with my update rhythm quite yet. But I’m getting there. Until then please understand if I miss an update or two.