Siendes has priorities.



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    Yay! New comic! And papa is, apparently, an ass, cat-like characteristics non-withstanding.

    *remembers all the cats I’ve met* okay, maybe the behavior isn’t entirely un-feline-like…

    Anyway, good to see you again!

    I’m with Shivret, now is less than auspicious. unless explanations can be done while mauling jerk-papa

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    It’s getting hard to answer these without going into spoiler territory. *g*

    Still reading, though. :) Glad you enjoy the comic.

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    So don’t! answer, I mean. Keep talking, I like your replies, but if you can’t talk about the story, don’t worry about it! Just say whatever. I don’t know about other people, but I love hearing what others are thinking.

    Oh, I was looking for a way to ask this – I was faffing about on your tumblr, and I saw a phrase – “my ‘give them panties’ phase” – and I stopped, and sort of quirked my head, and immediately wanted to ask you what that even meant…so, what does that even mean? XD

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    I used to have a phase (luckily not in-comic) where every Trarr had some kind of hot pants like Chalcara in this picture. The combined effect was very silly (everyone in underwear!) and didn’t make much sense, style and lore-wise. Okay, It did make sense to me at the time, but so did the hair and clothing in the Eighties.

    Now Trarr wear wear skirts, loincloths and sashes if they cover their crotch – they don’t like trousers or t-shirt like clothing, because they are to restrictive and ruffles their fur.

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    Ah! that makes sense! I had this strange fuzzy image of Siendes in some bizarre lingerie Santa outfit (As in, made from, not is) handing undies out to all your creations.

    I knew that couldn’t be right, but the image wouldn’t leave me alone…

    I’m glad you’ve gone the way you have – their clothing choices feel very natural in comic. Though, Chalcara’s chain panties are pretty stylish; they go well with the rest of the outfit. (I’m serious, but I’m also giggling about it. 80’s fashion INDEED! outfits that work absurdly well. and that “absurdly” is hard-welded to the “well” XD)

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    She has a chain sash now. It works better.

    Many young Trarr try to emulate Chalcara’s (lack of) fashion sense and they always end up crying and with bald spots where their fur caught in the chains. The adults consider this a lesson in common sense.

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    I like that. Also, yay for life lessons with minimal amounts of dying involved! promoting common sense is always a great idea.

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