Reflexes or not, understandable or not, Des has been raised to take responsibility for her screwups and to fix them.

Funfact: She doesn’t even know her eyes glow under certain adverse sight conditions. Nobody told her, nor did she get a manual for that implant of hers.



  1. Ooh new page and chapter! Yay :D

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    Oh, my. I am loving that glow. Could be quite inconvenient at times, though, I’m sure. Still…

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    I finally get caught up in time for a new chapter! Loving it!

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    Is the comic still running? I read, that you were moving to the UK, but that was almost 2 months ago now…
    I really hope you still plan on continuing the comic.
    (Of course I understand, if you are kept by real life. Just thought I’d ask, since it has been quite some time.)

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    Yes. The last update’s not quite that long ago, I’m backdating the pages. :)

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    Oh thank you for replying! I’m glad, because I really enjoyed reading the pages so far! X3

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    Thank you!

    I love the comic myself, so I really will make sure that it’s going on – things will be much better as soon as I finished this move. :)

    And thanks for your understanding!

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