Prolog, Seite 07

I think that confused all answers, right?



  1. Wait, was it all a dream? I’m a little confused.

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    Less dream, more prophecy.

    Mirrough tends to be good at that.

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    Ooh, I love the way you put our mystery cat in heavy shadow and blue. Somehow, it lends an ethereal, magical, and most certainly mysterious presence to her.

  4. OK, I’m officially confused by the Prologue, and I’m having a hard time keeping up with who the characters are… Well, let’s delve into the main chapter!

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    The topic always makes me think of Cordwainer-Smith first, even if Well’s ” island of Moreau” predated him. Still Cordwainer-Smith was closer to the later variations of the topic… Is his pioneering work of humaized animals and the social-cultural impact of that still familiar today?

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    Maybe not that particular work, but it is a standard topic in furry fandom.

  7. Hello Tony!I really like this picture!Good choice for colors, red and blue.Good news for the future art magazine, nice news! I’m happy for you Mister!Kiss Jess

  8. thanks. you have a good handle on these options. I think we should focus on wider spreads though. These narrow spreads are riskier. Maybe the 750/850 is a good one.

  9. – all of these are super beautiful! love the one with the person on the rocks and the mountain looks huge! you have such an eye for framing landscape shots—so awesome!

  10. I appreciate you taking to time to contribute That’s very helpful.

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