March 31, 2015


I really, really need to get out of the habit of just vanishing from the web. Apologies for that. I’m still reading, but didn’t have the brainspace to post. Lots of things took my attention that weren’t my art. Most of it is not my story to tell, but nonetheless important. People take time.

London is a fantastic place and I love it here, but culture shock is a thing, I know that now. It ranges from simple things like the taps and doorknobs not working like expected to more dangerous ones like the fundamental rules of streets being different. The new money is tough to get used to – both in price ranges and the coins itself. For some odd reason England didn’t see it fit to sort their coins per weight and size, or, you know print big, easily visible numbers on them. It’s pretty coinage, true, but hard to get used to.

I really miss Germany sometimes.

But I’m about to visit my parents over Easter, looking forward to seeing them again after a few months. Phone calls are nice, but they do not replace face to face contact.

Overall, life’s good – there’s a new kitten and art’s getting done. ToC’s actually aquiring a buffer although slower than I want; but I have taken up painting again, which is a good sign.

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