June 10, 2015

I’ve got a new Art Rig!

And it is shiny and chrome!

My eight years old Wacom tablet had been dying, for what, the last fifteen months? It had a spot where you couldn’t draw anymore and I had to twist and bent my wrist just right to get a decent line. Combine that with the hand injury I got from last year and doing art had become downright painful. Art was slow, art was pain, but I kept at it and made do.

Suffering for your art is seriously overrated.

So my fiancé bought me the 21’’ Huion for my birthday, the one that comes complete with a monitor arm.  We’ve been talking about picking one up for at least half a year, but I really didn’t expect it to actually happen. Its a huge investment after all and I’m not quite used yet to someone else taking my art seriously. But it did. I have the best fiancé.

It’s by far the best set up I ever had. Being able to draw directly on the screen is pure luxury. I can work for hours with nothing but tea breaks and will have no shoulder or back pain. Now mind you, the screen did take me some adjustment, especially regarding how to sit best, but it was so worth it.

My old Wacom tablet’s now living in retirement as backup and travel tool. It’s done its duty, time for it to rest.

Speaking of projects – if you have been following me on twitter, tumblr or the art galleries, you might have seen some pictures of Nyx and Nyssa. They are the main characters of my next comic. You’ll probably see a lot of more from them and their world soon™.

I wanted to start a side project for ages – mainly for practice. I want to apply all the hard lessons I learned while working on Traces of Chaos.  For starters, it’s far less epic in scope: I fully expect that story to have run its course long before ToC’s even close to finished. And I won’t publish it before its not fully drawn, so it’ll be a while till you see it. Which means I can produce it in batches AND serialise it three-updates-a-week like a clockwork. And so on and so on. Plans! Sometimes they work!

I choose Nyx and Nyssa over my other possible projects because it’s happy, snarky and a rather cheeky high fantasy romance – which will be a nice change of pace from the more serious and somber tone of ToC – not at least because Trarr do not do romantic love and Mona basically had to club Siendes over the head to get her to marry her.

No worries about ToC itself, though: It is and will stay my main project and it’ll greatly profit from all the additional skills I am going to pick up.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good time!

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