January 7, 2015

Happy new year! My plans for Traces of Chaos in 2015.

First things first:
Like promised, I finished the shading of the latest page. Seriously, the page looks now so much better with it. I also did some backlog work in the Tags, mainly adding Shivret and fixing a few typos.


Now onto my plan for Traces of Chaos in 2015:

I want to upload at least 80 pages. 52 for this year, and the 28 I missed due me moving countries and my hand injury. That’ll cover around two till three chapters. It also means Wednesday updates will become a thing, although they won’t quite yet be reliable.

In order to facilitate this, I’m working to re-establish my good ol’ beloved buffer, all three months of it. I love my buffer.

While the buffer grows, the comic will continue to update Sunday evening, with smaller updates on Wednesdays. There’s heaps of website-related stuff that needs attention: Most of it is minor stuff, like offering banners (animated and still), filling up the gallery, creating images and entries for the Codex Galactica – that kind off stuff.

If my rough calculation is correct, I have until early June to feed the buffer beast, after which I switch to two pages a weak. That should give me the additional 28 pages I need.

A tall order, but do-able. I done the math, it’s even resilient to minor till middle-sized life interference – especially after the buffer beast is well fed.

Other things I’d like to do:

Illustrations! I miss doing complex, one-off artworks. You know, the kind of stuff where I don’t have to plan for a whole scene? I really miss doing that. I want to put out at least 6 Traces of Chaos related works in 2015. I have no idea if anybody wants to buy prints, but I’d like to at least offer some for sale.

I’d also like to start running my first adds for Traces of Chaos, to gain more readers. But I at least want to have the buffer beast finished to do so, so that it’s not thrown out money.

There are two, nay, three super-secret-projects that are in the “occupies my thoughts in the shower” stage. I want to push one into the “is being made” stage. As much as I love ToC, I go batty if I have no variety in my work.

Well, that are my plans for 2015.