April 29, 2014

Emmigrating to the UK!

Now I can tell you guys what’s up!

I finally managed to kick off a huge, positive and kinda scary change in my life: End of July I’m leaving Germany, my land of birth, to live in the UK for a few years. It’s something I wanted to do for ages, and well, I have very personal reasons to be very happy about that move, too.

But as you can imagine, moving between countries is actually a metric ton of work compressed into three far too short months: Disassembling my household, getting medical papers, getting medical papers for the cats, buttloads of paperwork, shipping stuff, etc., etc., panic all around. Luckely I’ve done a lot of work already, but there’s still so much too… Lets just say a headless chicken is calmer than I am now and leave it at that.

Ideally this wouldn’t impact Traces of Chaos, but let’s be realistic: In the last two weeks it already has.

Traces of Chaos is a one woman show, it stands and falls with the amount of time I can spent on it.  All I can promise is to limit the problems that’ll occur. But the closer I’ll get to the deadline of 1st August, the harder that’ll get, especially since I will have no work machine as soon as my Mac is getting shipped over.

So, in the words of Siendes, I’ll do my best. I just hope my best will still be pretty darn good.