Comment Policy


Comments and discussions are fantastic! But since this is the internet, there need to be a few rules lest we end up like the YouTube comment sections. So…

The rules, short and sweet:

  1. Don’t spoil.
    There’s a spoiler tag, use it. Scroll down to Addendum A for details.
  2. Be kind.
    Criticism and discussions are welcome, but personal attacks aren’t. On that note, don’t troll, ego-wank or make everything about your personal pet issue.
  3. No slurs or hostile speech.
    This includes (but is not limited to) race, sexuality, health or gender-based slurs.
  4. Stay in the general vincity of the topic.
    Some topic drift is fine, as long as it roughly relates to the content of the original post.

If you find a typo, broken link or page error, please e-mail me. That’s far more efficient than posting it on the comments and keeps the page on topic. And remember, the internet is public; even such a specialised little site as mine. I don’t delete content of comments but for moderation purposes, but even if I did – Google Cache knows all.

Thanks for commenting!


Addendum A: What is considered a spoiler.

If you want to talk about something that happened earlier and is relevant for a later page – pick the later page to discuss it. No exceptions. This includes but is not limited to the following things:

  • posting information on what happens on later pages
  • pointing out where, when or if foreshadowing pays off
  • posting how your emotions/”feels” were on this page, with the implication they have changed. e.g: “Here I still loved character X! *sigh*”
  • discussing characters, places, organisations or similiar in term of development that hasn’t happened yet on this particular page.

But if you want to speculate on future story developements (aka stuff that hasn’t been published yet at the time you wrote your comment), use the spoiler tags:

[spoiler title="Name of the spoiler field"] Text that will be initially hidden [/spoiler]

Please do allow other readers the joy of discovering the story in their own pace.


Addendum B: Moderation

I usually try to do as little moderating as possible, but if you break the rules – or you annoy me too much – I will scrub your post. People will see you posted, my comment on why I scrubbed, but not what you wrote.

That’s not the end of the world. We all show our asses sometimes. But “It was just a joke” is not a valid defense here, next time get better jokes. If you find yourself writing something like “I don’t want to [insert phrase here], but…” do rethink your comment, because you’re about to engage in [insert phrase here] and nobody is fooled by that disclaimer. Sometimes you have misread something, sometimes you will be misread. Shit happens.

Learn from it and do it better next time.

Break the rules repeatedly in the same thread, maybe because tempers are flaring, I will tell you to stop posting in it. You should do so, because I’ll most likely scrub all further posts of yours in that particular topic. Feel free to post in other, less emotionally-involving threads. And don’t taunt the people I told to move on, okay?

If you really piss me off, I’ll dump you in the moderation queue where your posts stay until I (maybe) decide to dig you out again.

Otherwise I don’t pre-moderate. So if your comment doesn’t show up and you haven’t annoyed me enough that I dumped you into the queue, just shoot me an email and I try to dig it out.


Addendum C: Usable tags

For those of us who do not spend their free time coding webpages. ;)

<strong>Your-Text</strong> will bold the text in question

<em>Your-Text</em> will set it in italics.

Using the following code <a href="your-url">Your-Text</a> will give you a link with text. You have to include the “http://” here. But watch out, using more than four links will set off the spam filter and punt your comment moderation queue.

<blockquote>Quote-here</blockquote> gives you a box in which you can quote others

And, as described earlier [spoiler title="Nifty spoilerbox!"] You only see me if you want to see me! [/spoiler] gives you a nifty spoiler box:

Spoiler: Nifty spoilerbox!

Oh, and if you want to use < and > without wordpress mistaking it for code, use the following: &lt; for < and &gt; for >. And &#91; or &#93; gives you [ or ].