Codex Galactica



The following documents contain the work notes for my soon to be finished book „Codex Galactica, a Brief Overview of the Politics in the Milkyway“, which, despite its hopeful name, is turning out to be anything but brief. As the recent upheaval proved the situation is a tad more complex than initially thought.

Since there is now a sudden and a desperate need for diplomatic knowledge beyond military applications I decided to make my work notes publicly available as a stop gap measure until my textbook proper can published. Ideally these texts will allow the interested student to put their specialised knowledge into a more holistic context and ask proper questions beyond the life-saving but unfortunately limited „Where does the Bullet go?“.

This is both my life’s work and my own little contribution to make our galaxy a better place for humanity. I just hope it will be useful.


Prof. Dr. psych. Anita Avilova,

Department of Applied Xenopsychology,
University of New Harappan
July 1498 A.Sp2

Notable Sapient Species of the Milkyway

Free Humanity – Trarr – Sarrath