Siendes Isabell Lahamar

Siendes Our heroine. Siendes is soldier of the Earthern Territories, who spent quite some time as prisoner of war and just recently regained her freedom alongside of that nifty cyborg arm she has. Now she’s hurrying home, but well, she ran into a few snags…

Chalcara of Trarran

Chalcara The Goddess of Trarran, the one and only ruler, she whom everybody (pretends) to obey… She does not particular like the goddess bit, it wasn’t her idea. But she does love the Trarr and it is not a wise idea to threaten them.

Other Characters

Rell, Shivret, Rhii, Curry, Orirr, Szlem, Rhin, Rhan, Mona Lahamar, Mirrough Windwalker, Sebastian Lahamar, Geraud Lahamar, Savio Disano, Chona