October 10, 2014

Break’s OVER, boys and girls!

Even if it took longer than expected…

Well, to be honest, I did indeed expect a certain amount of upheaval in my life due that move to England, but seriously… not quite that much. Some of it was bad luck – my iMac’s screen gave out after seven years of reliable service in the same week my laptop’s keyboard permanently broke – some of it is the fact that even good, wanted things can really, really stress one out. Putting two households together takes quite a bit of work and adjustments, especially since I lived alone for ages.

Eitherway, I’m happier now than I was in years. I cleaned out the cobwebs (ew spam!) and dusted off the page. A few bug fixes on the webpage itself. New page will be on Sunday, because we update Sundays. You’ll get the missing colour versions then, too.

I do not know yet what to do about the updates I missed during my move. A large part of me wants to make up for them, but I really do not know if I can realistically pull it off. So I’ll take it on week per week base and we’ll see what’ll happen.

On that note – if you see something broken on the page (or a bad advert) then please email me. I cannot fix it if I don’t know about it.

See you next Sunday!