Floating Cat!

Mirrough Windwalker: Phenomenal cosmic powers, itty bitty attention span. Well, at least she stopped dropping people just because she found a nice air current to play with. That was messy.



  1. I see what you did there in the description. everyone: GEEENIE
    But really – This page is gorgeous. One of the great things about animal/human hybrid characters is how they have the uncanny ability to create dynamic compositions with their tails / wings / silhouette.

    Chalcara is reluctant but powerful. Did she become goddess or was she always the sole ruler? It kind of seems like Mirrough should be Goddess, if only because she likes to intervene and has immense power.

  2. #2


    Thank you!

    We’ll deal with Chalcara’s and Mirrough’s past eventually, so I’d rather not spoil. :)

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