To put Young Siendes’ textbook into perspective: If she’d meet Mr. Spock, Darth Maul, a Twilek or a Mimbari, she’d first assume that they are yet another Sarrath slave race – and then, considering the political climate, that they are very, very hostile. The true Aliens in Traces of Chaos are, well, much more alien, which is why Siendes was so surprised about the Trarr.

Funfact: I finished this wearing a wrist brace. ¬†That really helps with the art pain. Never be said that I don’t take this comic serious.



  1. …scary….

  2. #2


    Yep. It’s not a nice universe. Not at all.

  3. #3


    I LIKE it! Really cool background.

    And… ulp… 800 years? Wow.

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