Two down, one to go?

Doesn’t look to good for Siendes, does it? I’m pretty sure she had other plans for this evening than to deal with gas and attackers, especially considering she has to defend her son. Sometimes life really, really sucks.



  1. Somebody is about to get ninja hand speared in the gas mask!

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    The deadly knife-hand attack.

    Seriously, I like seeing her in action. And I’m one of those weird people who can’t help wondering about the gas. What kind it is, persistence, etc. I’m a bit of a gear geek. :-)

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    It’s noxious – of the stinky, sticky, making mouth and eyes and skin burn variety. Not harmful in the most cases, but rather painful. The green stains skin and clothes on prolonged exposure – useful if you have to hunt down people that got hit with it. Additionally it has a component that disables electronics by coating them.

    In short, it’s crowd control gas. Des is in for an unpleasant time. Well, more unpleasant, that is.

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