Siendes’ handgun is actually a miniature rail gun. It has two chambers for magazines and she can switch between them at the press of a button. It can shoot many different kinds of ammo, not limited to hollow points, blanks, explosive – it all depends on what she loads in.

On Earth Siendes usually loads 2×24 non-toxic short-range slugs to the rather strict gun ordinances, but during a mission she usually has one chamber of armor piercing and one chamber of explosive shots, as seen in her fight with Chalcara.

PS: Let’s just assume Siendes knows how to handle her firearms and let’s chalk up eventual oddities of her using them to me committing crimes of art and anatomy. Someone firing a weapon is surprisingly hard to draw!



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    That kinda reminds me of Judge Dredd’s gun from the 200AD comic book– two or three different magazines with different loads depending on situation…

    Hmmm… I’m trying to decide how I might put something in Webcomic Underdog’s “Tips, Tricks & Tutorials” about drawing weapon firing stances. I was already planning to do one for drawing camouflage…

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    Please do, especially when it comes to when to use which one. It would be really helpful.

    Although, in the end I have to admit I’ll prolly draw whatever looks most impressive in a given situation. ;)

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    I’ll do that; it should be helpful for a lot of people in all kinds of situations.

    I am looking forward to seeing early, non-bio-borg enhanced Siendes break out a can of whup-ass. Although… this is someone that has been taken over and under mind control, yes? Are we going to find out if the mind control is permanent, or if it can be undone? Because “fight to subdue, not destroy” will curtail options.

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