The sad thing is, not only did Siendes deem it necessary to have a safe room and train Sebastian in its use, she actually has to use it.



  1. Love that there is a safe room for Bastie. That plus the nice oblique reference to the Sarrath and the calling for help does a good job at presenting the seriousness of the situation, and also that this isn’t an unfamiliar occurrence for Siendes.

    Also, if I was Bastie, I’d totally be terrified hanging out in that little box. Tough kid.

  2. Much better! That bright, silvery light outline is back and I can actually see Bastie this time. Great work :)

  3. #3


    The worst thing for that poor kid will be knowing the the adults he loves are out there, with all the crash-clatter-clang that’s about to go down, and he won’t have any context for what’s happening– he just has to wait, and sweat it out. Stressful.

  4. Eesh, I get claustrophobia just looking at that safe room. Poor kiddo.

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