Funfact: Siendes is 2,04m tall and weighs around 105kg, most of which is pure muscle. (That’s 6 feet 8 inches and over 230 pounds according to google.) She’s a commissioned officer these days and thus the physical standards required of her aren’t quite as harsh as they used to be when she was infantry, but Des takes pride in her combat abilities and tends to get seriously grumpy when she cannot train.

Still, she’s tiny compared to the Trarr.

The smallest known Trarr is Mirrough Windwalker, and she still stands 1,73 metres (5’8”) tall – without her ears. Chalcara‘s 2,52m (8’2”). Male Trarr start at 3 metres (9’10”) and can reach up to 6 metres (19’8”). They tend to be a terrifying sight.



  1. Gotcha, do not want to meet her in a dark alley.

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    She’ll prolly be perfectly polite and nice, unless you threaten her or her family. ;)

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    That coloring is phenomenal! I love the cool tones and silvery highlights.

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    OK, good thing you included that description, because I did a double-take there, thinking, “whoah, this gal is built like a Slavic warhorse” (and I mean that in a good way). So, you meant that.

    She definitely looks tough, and I feel sorry for whoever is down there. The colors are great, and I am officially jealous. :-)

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    You know, that made me laugh, because that’s basically the description I have for her.

    Siendes on Trarran is a bit leaner, but that’s because she went through periods of hunger not due her own choice.

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    So, have people just naturally gotten bigger– maybe due to diet, health, etc? Like today, we average much taller than folks did back in the Medieval era… or is this a bio-enhancement due to her service (or to survive the post-strike environment)?

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    Hm, I think I can answer that without spoiling.

    It’s a bit of both.

    Yes, Humans have changed a bit, and yes, Siendes does have some enhancements – but they’re inherited not issued. Genetic wealth, passed down the family line, like a bank trust for kids. Enhancements are expensive, especially the proven ones.

    But in Earthspace you will fine no-one, not even the Military, who will force biogenetic or cybernetic enhancements on anyone.

    It’s a bigger tabu than cannibalism or public kissing.

    (The military offers steep discounts on enhancements interesting to them, but that considered an optional job perk, not a requirement. It’s up to the individual if they take advantage of that or not.)

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