For some odd reason, Mona became obsessed with the colour red after those two became an item.

Note: Due timeconstraints I cannot keep up the lineless look with a once per week update. I’m really sorry, but it’s the difference between fourty hours and ten to twelve hours work per page.



  1. It took me a couple of re-reads to get that in the second panel she was turning off some sort of teacher-projection. I think it’s because the first panel was taller than my screen and led me to reading things out of order.

    And because I was expecting poo everywhere ;)

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    What kind of resolution/device are you using, if I may ask? I’ll keep it in mind for future speech bubbles placements.

    And I don’t think Sebastian would be asleep in case of poo, because Mona wouldn’t take that calmly. *g*

  3. Just found you through webcomicunderdogs, and I really love the comic so far! Your color palettes and expressions are great. And fwiw, the lineless style is nice, but your inked style pages look good, it makes the colors pop a bit more.

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    Thanks, that’s good to hear.

    I really worried about the transition!

  5. I’m just on my laptop. Big ol screen, using Chrome. When the page loads, the panel cuts off right above redhead’s sigh speech bubble. And then my eye followed the programs speech over to the right, realized I missed something, scrolled down to see the aforementioned sigh and speech in the 1st panel, and then scrolled back up to read the second panel.

    In all the scrolling, I missed/forgot the “blip” turn off.

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    Thanks. That’s good to know for the next time. :)

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    Okay, so it was just artistic experimentation after all. Cool. Hey, this art style looks great too, so I’m fine with you playing around until you find something you’re happy with.

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    I’ll prolly stick with coloured lines for now, I can finally make them do what I want.

    Although part of me wants full paintings for each chapter break, that would be nice. Lots and lots of work though.

    Glad you enjoy this! Thanks. :)

  9. Yeah the lineless/painting style looks really great. I mean your art is great either way but this one really jumped out at me instantly.

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