Staring through the door...

The abstract statue in Panel 2 is one of Mona’s works. And while Mona is not a fan of displaying her own work in her own home, that statue has officially been bought by Siendes before those two started dating – and Des ain’t parting with it.



  1. Ruh oh. Something bad on the next page… I’m guessing…trashed house, with poop everywhere!

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    Whatever it is, Siendes doesn’t seem too happy.

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    This is beautiful work, found you via Just The First Frame, bookmarked!

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    Thank you! I hope you’ll enjoy the comic.

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    Heh. I also won’t display my own stuff in my home. I’m not self-conscious about it; I just feel like… I already know what it looks like. I like to look at other peoples’ stuff instead.

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    It’s a common thing with artists, I believe. :)

    I feel the same, although I have a few “work on this!” reminders around.

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