The domes of Hochwacht-Lütjenburg are old and often repaired – bombs, you know? – but they’re a real good place to live. Inside they’re around 15°C warmer than their environment and being on ground that used to be part of the Baltic Sea gives them very fertile soil, now that the salt issue is taken care of. Dome Four till Seven are reserved for farming.

You can say what you want about the Sarrath’ initial attack on Earth… It did permanently fix that annoying global warming problem.

(Note: This chapter will run about 14 pages, then we’ll rejoin our hapless swimmers back on Trarran.)



  1. Some sort of “X-teen years prior” would be nice. I totally didn’t get that this was the same redhead Siendes the first time through.

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    Well, there are years of experience separating them. ;)

    (It’s kinda hard to get a grip on a timeline when near and over lightspeed travel is involved, which is why I left it off.)

  3. Winter here’s been unbearably long and brutal so the very sight of anything related to snow or winter makes me cringe.

    But THIS…this I like. Gorgeous piece.

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    Thank you, Dusty. :)

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