Since Earth has a near universal draft, the majority of free humans own a Book of Names.

Mona, interestingly, hasn’t gotten one. She’s got a history with severe epilepsy: It has been successfully treated, but it still renders her unfit for service. Mona doesn’t mind – she’s the kind of person who would’ve opted for the three years of public service as opposed to the two years of military service eitherway.


Well, my initial estimate of how long this chapter runs was two pages off. That’s what I get for last minute rewrites!

Next page (that’ll be 5th May 2014), we’ll rejoin Siendes on Trarran to see how she deals with the consequences of her compassionate but admittingly rather stupid decision to jump after the cub Rell straight into a flashflood. I’m looking forward to see the Trarr again – I’m especially looking forward to Spirittalker Shivret.



  1. Yay more updates! And also yay for your review/spotlight over on TWC :D

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