Rell’s been unconscious for so long, I actually had to look up her eye colour. Good thing I did that, too. I got it wrong at first.

At least she’s awake now! Good thing for Rell, but for the adults? Who knows. The Trarr have many sayings about cubs causing trouble.

January 18, 2015

Notes from the Artmines

January 28, 2015

Webpage Issues Fixed.

I’ve had some serious webpage issues this week – you might’ve seen the wonderful collection of error messages on the front-end – but it’s fixed now.

I still have no idea what happened – my best guess is a corrupted file somewhere – but I finally had to roll back the page a week for it to work again. If you commented since that time, your comment has been lost, I’m sorry.

But thank goodness for backups. Seriously.¬†Without them, there wouldn’t be a webpage now.

Backups are good!

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