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    @MatthewWRossi Yeah, I want flying back. :/

    @dsharp524 That's why ToC's archive is on chapter basis. :)

    @dsharp524 Yeah, I figured. Hope you can fix it soon - the current way makes it really hard for me to find a certain page.

Later Siendes would learn that Trarrsk porcupines don’t have much in common with Earth ones beyond having spines. For starters, the Trarrsk version is five metres long and highly venomous.

Right now she has other problems, though.


Notes from the Artmines

May 15, 2015


My plotting must’ve gotten really tight lately, I had to make an A4 flowchart for the last half of the current ToC chapter – just to make sure that all the small things that had to happen actually happened.

I do like the new version better though: the story’s pacing has gotten so much faster and it turned exposition into action. :)

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